Counter Culture Magazine Ads

Copywriter Carl Loeb and I created the VW counterculture campaign that ran in non-mainstream, music, art, and design magazines.


One's getting away!

Just driving around in squares.


Maybe none of these are your exit.

The below black and white campaign ran in Rolling Stone, The New York Times, etc. Carl Loeb was not just a copywriter, he was a poet! I loved weaving the concepts, headlines, and images together. 


And there you go, in your own little biosphere.


Earth below. Sea above.

For this campaign, copywriter Tim Gillingham and I focused on VW's 40 standard features in a more thought provoking way. Although the photoshoot took place in NYC (Michael Laughlin Photography), the final feature is actually conveyed in the ads within the ads!. I designed the posters/advertisements within the advertisements that were eventually combined together with the final Photography in Photoshop. The 40 standard features advertised individually were eight speaker cassette stereo, dual illuminated vanity mirrors, laser beam welding, and odor pollen dust filters. We didn't just want to highlight the features in an overt way. We had to be more subtle, because our target audience was to swanky for that. We wanted our target to have some fun. A guessing game of sorts. The VW brand was not always too obvious in voice and tone.


Eight speaker cassette stereo. Just one of over 40 standard features on the Golf.


Dual illuminated vanity mirrors. Just one of over 40 standard features on the Golf.


Odor pollen and dust filter. Just one of over 40 standard features on the Golf.


Laser beam-welded, fully galvanized steel body. Just one of over 40 standard features on the Golf.


The below advertisement ran in People's Best And Worst Dressed edition. We had such an amazing client! Our clients knew that having a sense of humor would also draw attention to our target. We always liked to bring a smile and/or a wink to our ads. The headline reads:
Congratulations to all the worst dressed

Finally, this advertisement was a quick turnaround for newspaper. Yes, you got it. The Pope bought a Volkswagen.