Copywriter Carl Loeb and I had the privilege to design and produce multiple print campaigns for Volkswagen North America. Carl Loeb was such an amazing copywriter. His words were pure poetry! In this campaign below the concepts focused on VW's former tagline "Drivers Wanted." Just drive. Luckily for us, we drove all around Texas for this one. What an amazing place! Amazing people! And an amazing crew! Plus, I always wanted to buy a cowboy hat! Carl wrote the headlines in Haiku form. Smari was the photographer. Andrea Ricker the art buyer. And John Gray the print producer. The headlines read:

Free. Like wild horses, like geese bound for Canada. Leave food for the cat.

Time to disappear. You'll stop in a truck stop where your name is "hon."


The minimarket. A microwaved burrito, and a new state map.


Carl and I travelled to San Francisco for this photoshoot below. Truly one of the best cities in the World! I detest the smell of seafood. So you can imagine my dismay when we agreed on the location below in Fisherman's Wharf. Well, I survived it! I got so busy, I didn't notice. Because this was my favorite shot. Another great photoshoot, with truly great people! Again, the poet writes such great lines:


Turn left at the frozen food section and keep going.

Bear right at the light ten miles after exiting the couch.

Go straight past the megaplex and back about 20 years.

Through the light about 150 miles from aisle 3.