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VW Jetta & Golf Television

Copywriter Roger Baldacci and I created Independence Day to launch the new VW Jetta under the theme "The new Jetta. It's all grown up. Sorta." The Jetta is your first car that isn't a beater or a cheap used car. So this spot is about a young couple's transition to a new stage in their life without losing the exuberance of youth. Dayton Faris directed the spot in Los Angeles.

Copywriter Tim Brunelle and I created the second spot shown below for the Volkswagen Golf. Jerry the fish and main character of this spot made it back safely to the pet store. Whew! We produced this spot with Keith Dezen also from Arnold Worldwide. David Kellogg of Anonymous Content directed the spot with John Schwartzman as the DP. The spot was shot in Brooklyn, and edited by John Hopp at Jigsaw, NYC.

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